Established in 1990, in Milan, our Ghilli Antichità antique Shop is the result of the constant effort and work of two generations.

Our antique objects selection

In our shop you are surrounded by a fine selection of antique furniture, lighting and art objects, a wide and eclectic gallery for those who look for inspirations and elegance for their interiors. Our collection includes carefully chosen items from past eras, hand-made works by expert and professional artisans, to ensure that each object is original and iconic of its period.

In this section you will find those special objects ideal to complete a formal room, a luxury palazzo, an opulent office, but also perfect to enrich a modern lounge or a contemporary hall.

Clocks: working or not, antique table clocks are some of the most appreciated timeless accessories in interior design.

We have selected antique clocks in various style, from Louis XVI up to Art  Déco, and material; gilded metal or mahogany marquetry, gilt bronze portico mantel clocks or ivory, brass and zinc inlaid pendule, mainly our rare works are decorated with gilt cast bronze ornamental motifs, always of extreme high quality chasing.

antique furniture selection
antique objects and works of art

Sculptures: original antique sculptures are decorative pieces for any interior. In our antique objects gallery you’ll find a wide choice of professionally selected unique pieces from the 1700 right up to the mid-20th century.

They can be made of carved and painted wood, ceramic, metal and even wax, ancient papier-mâché or marble, cast bronze or terracotta.  Our selection includes different subjects, such as figural busts, original anatomic teaching models, human and animal porcelain figures and ancient religious statues, Neoclassical or Art Déco style sculptures and much more.

Antique Silver: a precious artistic work in silver is always a beauty for the eyes, no matter if it has been made for a mere decorative purpose or if it has a proper function. Antique silver centerpieces have a unique and bright appearance and are a strong focus in every room. Some examples? Louis XVI Silver Vases are an immortal must-have for every collector.

Oriental Works: in this category you will find true treasures. Oriental artistic production has always been very tempting due to its exotic charm that comes from the trips of explorers and merchants in the XIII century. China and Far East developed an elegant stylistic trend that always captured our interest and curiosity, and this allure is still very strong nowadays. See out Kutani Japanese Porcelain Vases and you’ll fall in love with Oriental Art!

Miscellaneous: Ghilli’s  miscellaneous section is synonimous with quality and rare works of art and collectibles, unique and original gift ideas, antique curiosities, authentic testimonies of our history; antique objects that are particularly rare and some real treasures can be found in this part of the gallery. Here you will find jewelry and tea caddy boxes, ivory miniatures, picture frames, Neoclassical  Cameos, Liberty flower vases, peculiar antique sticks, objects and tools that are no more produced: here you will find collectible rarities and decorative pieces of art, fashion items and accessories once used by past dressmakers, antique glasses and decorative items. For example, the Pendulum Clock from Louis XVI era is one of the most extraordinary elegant  pieces you will see in this section of our gallery.

antique objects and works of art

Antique objects and works of art available on our online store

Pair of Antique Kutani Japanese Porcelain Vases

Pair of Antique Kutani Japanese Porcelain Vases

A pair of large antique Kutani Japanese vases dating back to 19th century in very good condition.

They are fully decorated with vases of polychrome flowers, vegetal elements and birds. Unusual large size, they are 80 cms high, they have a wide flaring form with ruffled rim ornated with small coloured flowers and butterflies inside and shaped white porcelain handles with leaves and grapes motifs in relief.

Louis XVI Marble and Ormolu Mounted Mantel Clock Signed Bergmiller a Paris

A superb Louis XVI ormolu mounted and white Carrara marble temple mantel clock, white enamelled dial marked Bergmiller a Paris, watchmaker active in Paris, atelier in rue du Petit-Lion Sanit-Sauveur from 1810 up to 1830, follower of Rouviere, Louis XVI king’s horologer.

This exceptional French portico mantel clock is richly decorated with Retour d’Egypte style gilt cast bronze ornamental motifs, of EXTREME HIGH QUALITY CHASING. View enclosed image detail of scrolls, festoons, eagle finial, female sphink, caryatid pilasters, flowers elements and cherubs frieze.

Having a Bergmiller a Paris inscribed white enamel dial with Roman hours and Arabic quarters, Breguet hands, grand tail movement of Paris, striking hours and half hours, 7 days charging time and sun face pendulum on adjustable silk suspension.

The white Carrara marble structure with eagle finial flanked by two dark patinated bronze female sphinx, on column terminal above movement suspended between marble columns with gilt caryatid pilasters and sphinx terminals,
A stepped marble front plinth with relief panel decorated with harvesting putti and animals and side with floral elements, raised on circular feet.

In working order and excellent condition, minor slight fellures in the dial substrate. 24 inches high x 17,72 x 5,12″.

Louis XVI Marble and Ormolu Mounted Mantel Clock Signed Bergmiller a Paris
19th Century Grand Tour Neoclassical Plaster Cameos Collection with Marble Frame

19th Century Grand Tour Neoclassical Plaster Cameos Collection with Marble Frame

An extraordinary elegant Grand Tour Neoclassical cameos composition, nine oval plaster cameos with Greek philosopher profiles, dating back to early 1800. Cameos are inserted into a shellac polished ebonized wooden panel, mounted within a 20th century white and black marble frame, rectangular shaped, with red profiles.

In the Neoclassic taste depicting Roman and Greek mythology figures as well as famous carvings. Most probably purchased during the early 19th century as Grand Tour objects, they come from a private house of Milan.

Wear consistent with age and use, minor losses and chips on some cameo edges, please see image details. Cameos measuring 5 centimeters height x 4 centimeters width. Frame size in centimeters: Height: 30.5 x 30 width x 2,2 d. (Internal measures 23.5 x 22,5).

Pair of Louis XVI Italian Silver Vases

A rare pair of antique Louis XVI embossed silver vases with geometric handles. The square base is engraved with W F initials, may be related to the the property ; from here a circular pedestal holding the body of the vase decorated with leaves, festoons and draperies . The neck is decorated with a ribbed decoration and a circular ring .

These elegant, ancient silver vases, are in good age related condition, wear consistent with use, we find old restorations on the foot of one of the two items and a minimum loss , the final element of one of the handles . Hallmarked on the basis of a horizontal lozenge of the Papal States in use from 1817 to 1860 that contains four letters: the horizontal diagonal P R letters are relative to Italian silvermaker Paolo Ruzzoli active in the city of Ancona from 1817.

Pair of Louis XVI Italian Silver Vases

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