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Conditions of hire

The ordinary conditions for the lease are as follows.


Unless a different agreement, the rental period is three days.


20% of the price of rented
15% for rentals above 2.500 euros
30% for chandeliers, crystal or glass.

The minimum rental fee € 100.00 + VAT.


The rental rates must be welded to the withdrawal of the goods with cash, check or bank transfer, in which case it requires CRO number or receipt of the bank transfer together with the delivery of the rental.


The deposit is equal to the amount of the goods leased and must be paid when collecting the form of bank check.This amount will be returned to the delivery of the goods.If returned in a damaged, even partially, the deposit will be withheld until the full definition of the damage. The customer is responsible for transport, packaging and storage of the material, since it leaves the nosta point until such time as the checks are done in response to any damage or loss.


Is always borne by the customer, it is possible to have a transport service by one of our company. confidence, suggest that particularly in the case of cargo handling fragile or difficult.


In the case of sensitive products (chandeliers and sconces in glass or crystal, paintings), a special packaging is necessary and sometimes making special wooden crates, wooden case with the packing costs by a minimum of € 200.00 up . The chandelier should be returned as delivered.


Leased the goods may be covered by a temporary insurance policy, at your load. The confirmation of the rental involves signing a contract with the above conditions.

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